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Who We Are

multispeciality hospital in Adyar

About us

Our focus at MINT Hospitals is to excel in health care towards our patients, respect and recognize their needs, exhibit unbound concern and commitment towards their recovery through the best of medical expertise and state-of-art technology. Mint Hospitals is the leading Multispeciality hospitals in Chennai, Adyar

Our Managing Directors

Dr. Sharanya Thiagarajan

PCOS Expert & OB-GYN

Dr. N. Vinoth

General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

The Logo

The colour turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and care. The leaf in our logo represents the mint leaf which by itself is a medicinal herb with numerous properties to improve health and boost immunity. Thus our mint logo is a visual treat for those seeking the best of healthcare services.

What makes Mint Hospitals Different?

24 hrs Emergency hospital in Adyar

Our Vision

To be nationally respected for excellence in patient care and most trusted for personalized coordinated care.

Multispeciality Hospitals in Adyar

Our Mission

We serve to improve health by putting patients at the centre of excellent specialist care.