Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent Miscarriage can be defined as repeated occurrence of miscarriage or loss of pregnancy. This is a situation which is more annoying and takes toll mentally. Medical experts suggest that miscarriage one after another is not a good sign. Either the women facing tough time should opt for medical assistance, or there could be some bad habits after conception. It could be not so good lifestyle changes, poor hygiene, selection of foods and mental health. 8 out of 10 women according to experts after conception may undergo normal lifestyle with a few precautions towards childbirth. They are advised proper medication and medical visits. On the other hand, the remaining 2 are prone to a few problems. Out of these 2, a lady might face recurrent miscarriage one after the other. The reason might be many. Fertility experts advise many preventative measures. Age is an important factor for pregnancy. With increase in age, the risk of miscarriage increases. Hormonal secretions and Thyroid do constitute to miscarriages. Disturbance in Hormone secretions might trigger too.

Usually, miscarriages occurring too often might well be termed due to a few causes. Scientists, medical specialists and fertility experts term it as follows

  • Immunologic grounds
  • Anatomic problems
  • Genetic reason
  • Endocrine dysfunction
  • Personal Hygiene and factors related to food habits

 The above 5 factors might also add alongside the existing issues. By the way, the miscarriage could be due natural also. Fertility experts and Gynecologists support you in this regard. They understand your biological cycle and offer exclusive advice based on what you have to adhere with. The pain caused is disheartening.

Speaking about preventing Miscarriages, Doctors suggest the following things for better health and also in some cases preventing it.

  • Eating quality foods
    • Having home cooked food is best way to be healthy.
    • Foods rich in Calcium and Minerals help your immunity.
  • Regular Exercise
    • Exercising regularly keeps you healthy and makes you less prone to attacks from diseases.
  • Keeping Stress at Bay
    • Managing stress helps you beat frustration away. It motivates you and enables tackle tough situations.
    • Take challenging situation lightly when pregnant.
    • Emotional draining is not encouraged.
    • Think of your strengths when handling stress.

Periodic Health Check up enhances your health and simultaneously lets you know about the growth of the foetus, making sure there is no sort of deficiency.

 It is a proven record that recurring miscarriages can be treated. Miscarriages can be prevented too. While Genetic theories play spoilsport, you may well strategize to thrill yourselves on getting pregnant. Having a good rapport with your doctor and periodical conversation with your doctor decreases the chances of miscarriage. Checking for sexually transmitted diseases may well work out your way. Because they might well disturb the fertilized egg and ultimately cause pain. Being fit and healthy is one way to fight out all odds. The more you become fit physically, the more chances that you stay mentally prepared. When you are in top form then the risk is always very minimal. Psychological factors do play crucial role in conception and child birth.

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