Factors that affects fertility in men and women
Written by - Dr. Sharanya.


There are many factors affecting fertility in both men and women. Both men and women are subjected to many difficulties in life. One among them is the inability of conceiving a child. A couple of decades ago, infertility was a rare phenomenon. Very rarely we could find couples without children. But, today there are many childless couples in the society. Let us have an overview about the factors that affect fertility in men and women.

Hormonal Disturbance

Hormonal Imbalance could cause troubles in conceiving a child. Not only for women, there could be problems for men too. Men facing hormonal imbalance might not be much active in their sexual life. Disturbance in production of the male sex hormone testosterone could be one of the reason for inactive sexual life. It could also create problems in Sperm production.

PCOS & Uterus related issues

PCOS and Uterus related problems form important things to note for women. Although it has become common for women to experience such problems, specialists suggest that there are treatments for PCOS which would offer complete better chances for conceiving. Uterus related complications, such as Endometriosis, fibroids, Pelvic inflammatory disease, abnormal morphology, Irregular cycles, complications related to Fallopian tube, etc form some of the major factors troubling women of the modern era.

Sperm Count

Low sperm count can be reduced number of sperms, or reduced number of healthy sperms or abnormal shape of sperms or total absence of sperms in the semen required for fertilisation. Experts suggest that there are treatments to get the Sperm count to within acceptable range. Alongside treatment there are certain habits that could assist improving Sperm Count in men such as dietary changes, moderate physical activity, stop smoking & alcohol, wearing appropriate clothes (not too tight in the groin).

Sexually Transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and herpes affect the chance of conceiving. This could infect the sexual organs and lead to abnormal sperm production. Awareness and treatment for the same will help in cases of infertility.

 Excessive medication

Excessive intake of certain drugs (medicines) could be a factor delaying pregnancy. In men, the medicines could play havoc regarding the sperm production. The quality of the sperms might not be normal. Also, in women it might trouble delaying pregnancy.


Stress is a common cause in both men and women that causes infertility. Hectic daily life, tiring life, less sleep, overwork, etc are some of the examples for stress. This in turn causes problems related to sleep deprivation. Symptoms like anger, time mismanagement, inability to take a decision are due to Stress. Stress plays a major role infertility.


Utilization of Electronic gadgets may cause Infertility. Mobile phones, Laptops, etc form major sources of heat and radiation which causes infertility. This in turn damages the ability of reproductive organs to produce hormones that support fertilization in women and produce low quality sperms in men.  


Genes play an important role too. If any of your ancestors had suffered from problems related to fertility, there is a minimal chance of 3-7% that you might probably suffer. Although it is not exactly a reason, it might be one for unexplained infertility

Over Exercising

Exercising more than usual could cause problems in both men and women. More exercising means it could hurt testosterone levels in men and decrease the Sperm count. In women, excessive workouts could produce hormonal imbalance. So, while exercising care should be taken to stay within limits.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Men and Women should always stay away from Smoking and Drinking. The toxins that spread in to our body is so hazardous that it damages vital organs in our body. The reproductive organs are hit badly by being addicted to smoking and consumption of alcohol. 


Being overweight is a nightmare. It works as a primary cause for initiating too many problems. Especially damaging our health. Obese people are more prone to suffer of Diabetes, Hypertension, Hormonal imbalance, Infertility, Bone related disease, Heart problems, Hair loss, Varicose Veins, Muscular related problems, Nervous Problems, lack of sexual interest etc., 

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