5 Tips to help prevent diabetes

Diabetes has become an epidemic in India, it is arguably true that in every Indian family there is at least one diabetic patient. And what’s more strange is the fact that families are more relaxed having a diabetic patient, and taking medications for years. The complications for people with diabetes are so high that, with long term problems it can affect your - eyes, kidneys, nerves, feet, brain and what not. Moreover, people with type 2 diabetic will feel isolated on social events, when we live in a country where food is celebrated for all occasions.

Even though some would argue that diabetes is from gene, and you can’t do anything to avoid it, we can have compiled a list of tips for a healthier diabetes life.

Please stay hydrated – Yes! I have added a “please”. 2 liters of water is important even for a healthier person. Doctors would recommend 2-3 liters of water for diabetic patients per day. If possible you can squeeze a lemon to alkalize water, as its good for metabolism and helps flush the system to help your body function better. But the one time to avoid water is to when you have your meal, do not think water with your meal. So 30 minutes before eating, and 1 hour after eating.

Sound Sleep - A proper sleeping cycle is important when your diabetic, and try to relax when you go to sleep. It is important to calm your body and mind down when you sleep.

Veggies – It is hard! I have to tell you that. Following a plant-based diet will cut down the risk of staying diabetic significantly, within a month you should start seeing progress. And fats are okay as well as long as it’s healthy fats, but avoid sugar and sugar free pills as it will increase your calorie intake.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol – Smokers are twice likely to develop diabetic and other health problems.

Daily Exercise – No! I am talking about your slow 10-minute cycle walks with fun. Good intensity exercises will help you detoxify your body and help to get better energy and oxygen to your body, helps maintain blood sugar and improve your muscles and joints. Morning exercises avoid the most important problem in diabetic patient, and that is it will avoid you’re after lunch nap and make you feel energized throughout the entire day.

Do not skip your Doctor Appointments – Working towards staying healthy is good start, but monitoring your progress with your doctor regularly is very important. This will help you validate your diabetic goals by keeping tab on your glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The game plan to prevent diabetes is buy taking smaller steps, if your need more clarifications on keep your diabetic lever normal, take a small step by walking in to our Mint Hospital in Adyar, we offer the best diabetic prevention care in Chennai.