General Surgery

Multispeciality Hospital in Adyar

Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery

General surgery is a discipline that requires knowledge and familiarity with the anatomy of the body, thereby aiding the surgeon to treat certain conditions surgically. A general surgeon is capable of performing surgeries in all parts of the body. The disease spectrum ranges from small abscess ,piles to major surgeries involving the gallbladder and stomach.

It helps in knowing that at Mint hospitals, we have the best operating theatre facility in Adyar, Chennai to aid the surgeon. The theatre is well equipped with ventilator, motorised table and sterility is maintained by laminar air flow and HEPPA filter, thereby making it best operating facility in this locality. You are in a hospital with highly trained and experienced surgical team with best facilities always trying to put the patient cure and care as their first priority.

Laparoscopy or keyhole surgery is another area of focus at Mint. The benefits of this type of surgery are smaller scar, lesser pain, early recovery and discharge from hospital. At our hospital there are options ranging from multiple incisions to single incision laparoscopic surgery performed by some of the best surgeons in Adyar, Chennai.

- Ano-rectal diseases: abscesses, fistula, piles. We are performing Stapler hemorrhoidectomy with many benefits to the patient, such as minimal blood loss, less pain and early recovery.

Diabetic foot care for chronic non-healing ulcers are also done by general surgeons.

Our services include :
- Day Care Surgery
- Endoscopy
- Minimal Access Surgery
- Metabolic Surgery
- Breast and Thyroid Surgeries
- General surgical procedures
- Diabetic ulcer care and rehabilitation.

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