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Infertility Treatment

With all the infertility heartbreaks happening in the city, life has become harder for the childless couples having to balance their emotions and social identity simultaneously. Its even harder when this issue dominates their social background.

This is not going to overshadow you anymore. When technology meets wonderful experience, the outcome seems to be a fruitful one. This is what happens at the Mint Hospital’s Fertility centre where fertility specialist of great reputation strives to bring happiness in the faces of disappointed couples.

Saddened couples, no more need to hide behind the screens. The state of the art technologies and world class treatments offered here are promising and the best part is being economical, aiming to deliver this life-giving service even to the most average couples within their affordability. Treatments such as IVF, IUI, ICSI are dedicatedly performed and handled by people of great expertise resulting in success stories.

Bringing forth a quality service in fertilisation medication such as :

- Giving your misfortune into the hands of the most talented doctors and specialists expertise in the streams of fertilisation.
- Promising technologies and best amenities to enhance and promote encouragement into the environment around the hope seeking couples.
- Treatments done only when the couple find it comfortable and initiating only with your utmost consent.

Lightening the lives of thousands of couples who thought their marital life will be at stake, today are at their peak of happiness yielding their precious ones. These testimonial of happy parents makes The Mint’s Fertility Service to be the best fertility hospitals in the Chennai city.



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